Working for Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship in Australia

Hi, I’m Harry Carpenter. I apply my unique experiences in adapting to change to continued academic success, while following a passion for sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

These experiences have strengthened my belief in the power of diversity and multi-disciplinary thinking.

My Story So Far

Having spent most of my childhood farming on Kangaroo Island, my focus shifted to elite cycling and representing Australia on the world stage.

After facing my own heart problems, including a life-threating acute cardiac event in 2017 at the age of just 24, I decided to undertake a PhD focusing on developing a model to accurately predict the onset of heart attacks. This predictive capability could also be expanded to predictive maintenance of infrastructure.

I was awarded a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship for the duration of these studies.

I am also motivated to leverage entrepreneurship to drive economic development and diversification in Australia, and am intrigued by how we can better develop and commercialise Australia’s world-leading research.

A Passion for Woodworking

On the side, I am an avid woodworker, making my last name of Carpenter very fitting (you should ask me what my grandparents’ surname is!). I also have a passion for drawing and painting, skills which are all available for commission.

I am captivated by storytelling and communicating complexity, which is why I am also excited about speaking at your next event. Make sure to reach out and we can have a chat or a coffee to discuss how we could work together.

Press About Me

I’ve recieved plenty of press attention about my work, including the following articles:


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